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Strategy & Consulting

Terra Ignota understands the challenges faced by startups. We can guide you to evade common pitfalls faced by tech startups every day. Terra Ignota can also help you to create an investor pitch and connect you with investors in the South African tech space.

Software Development

Software drives the world. Yet too often companies choose the wrong software for the job – and pay the price. Terra Ignota can navigate a world of ever improving technology solutions and choices, to bring you the right blend of off the shelf and custom made technologies to suit your needs.


With so many deployment stacks spanning multiple code bases and utilising distributed resources, it's becoming increasingly difficult to manage infrastructure - and the necessary security implementations - backing your most vital processes. Contact Terra Ignota to assist with a blueprint ensuring your SecDevOps needs are identified and met.

Cloud Migration

In todays technology world Cloud is the new normal. Scalable, flexible, secure, cost effective and compliant, it reduces many costs and headaches from startup businesses. Terra Ignota can help you evaluate Cloud solutions and migrate existing systems to the Cloud, or select a Cloud solutions provider for a newly formed startup.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulation and legal compliance is often a stumbling block to companies. Small companies must comply with laws and regulations set out by regulators, yet the expertise is not always readily available. Terra Ignota can bootstrap startup businesses with whatever is needed to comply.

Funding & Investment

Cash flow is the number one cause of startup failure and established business can stall their growth without external financing. Bringing your idea to market may require third party funding. Terra Ignota connect technology companies with investors, enabling established companies to expand and new companies to get off the ground.

Trusted in Fintech and beyond

We are trusted advisors and partners to all sectors, supporting transformative development across Africa. Our broad range of disciplines includes financial technical solutions, business, education, policy and regulatory. Together we form a multidisciplinary team and bring a diverse skillset and unmatched experience.

Our Management Team

Meet our incredible team leaders

Armond 'Monty' Furmie, Co-Founder

'Monty' has spent his career mastering the dark arts of development. He prides himsef on his ability to master new technologies extremely quickly and delivers world-class solutions. His extensive experience began with Tinderbox Interactive where he provided solutions well beyond his experience levels to some of the earliest challenges of the blossoming web-development industry. Seldom will you find a more comprehensive set of technical and management skills. He has held senior technical positions at Wits University, ORM company saidWot and I-Net Bridge. More recently, Monty rolled out South Africa's premiere award-winning identity management platform, ThisIsMe, which services most of South Africa's largest financial services firms.

David Thomas, Co-Founder

With over 20 years experience in the tech space, David has designed and managed complex systems in a range of industries including Tourism, Consumer Retail, CRM, Gaming Platforms Data Processing, Identity Verification and Online Marketing. With a systems engineering background and a passion for startup strategy, David provides a rounded approach to Terra Ignota's consulting team. David's approach to systems development includes a rare combination of technical skill, business acumen and a deep appreciation of the cutomer's requirements. David brings a range of management and technical insights to the table through sheer weight of experience.

Gregory Hamilton-Brister, Co-Founder

Greg is Terra Ignota's resident British import. His career has seen him take up roles across the globe, Greg has extensive experience in a range of IT and compliance-related activities. Prince 2 certified and with a keen eye for the finer details, Greg employs agile methodologies to ensure that your projects are delivered on time and within budget. Greg spent three years managing the IT system infrastructure for the 2012 London Olympic Games and developed systems for RBS Global Banking Systems, NTT, Capita, and Regus, before making the move to South Africa, where he headed up compliance at the Clicks Group and ThisIsMe. Greg's propensity for sorting through the minefield to pinpoint focus areas makes him the ideal recruit for your project.

Some of our incredible clients