About Us

Technology is at the heart of business

Our technology team solves business problems through the design of technology strategies, development of technology architecture, delivery of enterprise applications, sourcing, project management and operational management. Our experts enable our clients to both understand and use their data for a competitive advantage. We build a lasting legacy of improvement and performance, partnering with best in class technologies and solution providers. We can deliver the technological solutions organisations need to compete, grow and pivot into longstandng, highly profitable organisations.

How can we help

Our name translates to 'Territory Unknown'. We work with companies across all industries and in any stage in their lifecycles. We help:

  • Market leaders expand their territory by thinking through acquisitions, customer segmentation, improved sales, effective R&D processes, strategic sourcing and cost reduction efforts.
  • Companies navigate inflection points by establishing niches, overhauling cost structures, and executing necessary changes in technology structures.
  • Software departments in realising their full potential by evaluating the entire software development lifecycle and recommending bespoke solutions to their problems.
  • Compliance teams meet all compliance and regulatory requirements
  • CEOs, CTOs and CIOs and companies understand the full potential of cloud computing.
  • Private equity and investor companies align strategic imperatives with their acquisitions and develop and implement plans to improve overall operational performance.

In addition, Terra Ignota provides UX and UI design for the development of branding, to improve user experience and to create beautiful mobile and web platforms. With an awareness of cost constraints, Terra Ignota can simplify design with blended off the shelf and customised solutions, to get you off the ground and generating revenue in the shortest time possible.

Experience is key

Terra Ignota comprises a team of highly experienced and knowledgable professionals that have been through the mill. With over 60 year’s combined experience, our team is uniquely placed to advise your growing business or tech startup on all matters relating to development and growth.

Contact us to discuss a bespoke solution tailormade to your exact requirements.